Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mac Peacocky Collection Haul Part II: Kissable Lipcolour Woo Me - Scan-delicious - Flaunting it

Hello guys, this is the second part of my Mac Peacocky Collection Haul. I bought 3 of these new lipglosses, they are extremely different from the lipglasses and the dazzleglasses, they are crazy pigmented and they feel like lipsticks on your lips. Lipsticks in a lipgloss form. They aren't sticky at all, they have a shine to them but after a couple of hours of wearing they feel a little bit drying, so I recommed using a clear lipgloss on top of them.

Woo Me: Pretty pink based nude

Scan-delicious: Hot pink with a hint of red

Flaunting it: Dark mauve color

Rate: 4/5
Pluside: Not sticky, pigmented
Downside: a bit drying and pricey (19 € in Europe).


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