Thursday, September 17, 2009

How to make your eyes bigger with makeup - Everyday Look

Hi guys! Today I was watching guru's videos on youtube and one of my favourite guru, pixiwoo, made a video about making your eyes look bigger or smaller...
I was inspired by the bigger eyes makeup and I did it on myself with a bit diffent colors.

This is the pixiwoo video:

This is my "Make your eyes bigger Makeup"

As you can see I used a peachy and a beige color on my eyelid. In the crease I used a light brown and I blended it with the colors on the eyelid. Underneath my eyebrow I used a white/beige color with sparkles. Then I used my Elf eyeliner pen in black on my lid. On my waterline and under I used a nude eyeliner and a white one.
What do you think? I think that pixiwoo was right, my eyes look bigger!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ELF Basic Browns Review

A few days ago I received my order from Elf. I'm trying all the products guys and I'll let you know what I think of them one by one.
Yesterday I tried the Basic Browns Mineral Eyeshadows, you can check them out HERE.
Well quite impressive! The set comes with two eyeshadow brush and a brown eyeliner.
I made a look with these three eyeshadow and it turned out pretty good.
The eyeshadows stayed on all day and never lose their shimmer, they blend really well together! I'm impressed, I'm not a huge fan of loose eyeshadows, but these are amazing.
The price is small for what you get. Lots of people think that Elf's products are bad cause they're cheap. Don't think that, try them and with the majority of them you'll be satisfated.

Here's the look I created with the Basic Browns Set. The eyeliner is not from the set, but is an Elf Eyeliner, you can check it out HERE. The color is Coffee. The mascara is as well from Elf, the studio collection in dark brown, link HERE.

I like it!!! What do you think?

This is the package:

Coming up more Elf Reviews!