Thursday, September 2, 2010

10 Fall 2010 Trends - Gossip Girl Style

Wanna be a Gossip Girl? Here’s some fall trends directly from the Gossip Girl set.
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1- Big red bags or clutches are a must this season.

2- Blue blazers with padded shoulders, blue high waisted shorts, and electric blue ankle.

3- Jersey dresses with big necklaces over them.

4- Vests used as blouses or layered on top of a shirt.

5- Bright bold colors like: yellow, red, electric blue and fuschia.

6- Pearls are always a must have for a Gossip Girl.

7- Ankle boots, especially beige, grey and black.

8- High heels with studs or stones, blue, light brown.

9- Jackets with sequins.

10- Mini dresses with check pattern.

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