Monday, October 24, 2011

Mac Fall Colour Collection: MSF Porcelain Pink, Lightscapade, Emerald Dusk, Plum Bright

Hello guys! Sorry for the lack of updates! A few weeks ago I went to Mac and I bought some things from the Mac Fall Colour Collection.

I loved this collection, I collect MSF so I was really happy to see two of them in this.

- MSF in Lightscapade (left on the picture) is a light white champagne color, with pink and lavander vening O_O It's amazing.

- MSF in Porcelain Pink (right on the pic) is a light pink with kinda of a purplish duochrome, it's pretty but not so pigmented :( You have to layer it over a pink blush.

- Pigment in Emerald Dusk: it's a dark gunmetal grey with green undertones, I love this color is so unique.

- Lipstick in Plum Bright: It's a very dark plum color. It has a glossy finish. Dark plummy colors are in trend this fall, so I thought I'd give it a shot :D

Hope you liked it!


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