Thursday, November 4, 2010

TAG: 30 Days Beauty Blog Challenge: Day 6 - Anything Hello Kitty

Hello guys, this is day 6 of the blog challenge and today the question is: Anything Hello Kitty.
In Italy we have a chain of stores called Camomilla "Milano", they sell fashion accessories like: bags, jewerly, headbands and other stuff. I really love these stores, I have a lot of things from them and the quality is good, the only downside is that the products are quite expensive. They sell a line of Hello Kitty items and I choose a bag I really like. It's big and red, I wanted to buy it but the price is just crazy for a plastic (not leather) bag and I can't justify the splerge of money on that.

Do you like it?

Camomilla website:


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Hello Kitty invitations said...

I wish I can go to this store. I am collecting hello kitty things for almost a year now.