Thursday, June 2, 2011

Inglot Haul: Freedom System - Eyeshadows, Blushes Swatches

Hello guys! An Inglot counter recently opened in my city and I couldn't miss it! I've known about Inglot for a long time, but even if it's a polish brand, here in Europe doesn't have much stores, at least in Italy. I wanted to try their stuff for the longest time, since they compare to Mac products, and I finally had the chance.

I bought two palettes, a 10 eyeshadow palette (70€ here in Italy is more expensive than the US) and a 4 blush palette (46€ Y_Y).

10 eyeshadows upper row from left to right:

- Pearl 420: a taupe color with purple shimmer, pearly finish.
- Matte 325: a dark plummy purple, matte finish.
- Matte 334: light purple with blue undertones, matte finish.
- Matte 388: purple/blue, matte finish.
- Pearl 429: Light purply blue with pearly finish.

Bottom Row from left to right:

- Pearl 414: Forest green with light green shimmer, pearly finish.
- D.S. 457: Brown with gold glitters (amazingly pigmented), glitter finish.
- Matte 341: Light brown with pink undertones, matte finish.
- ACM Shine 10: Orange/gold with gold and silver glitters, glitter finish.
- Matte 352: Light creamy pink (amazing browbone highlighter), matte finish.

4 Blush Palette from left to right:

- n° 36: Medium pink with gold and silver glitters.
- n° 38: Deep pink with gold and silver glitters.
- n° 37: Light light pink (may not show up on darker skintones) with gold and silver glitters.
- n° 35: Light peach (may not show up on darker skintones) with gold and silver glitters.

I hope you liked my haul.

Soon I'm going to post the look I did using these eyeshadows.



Noniek said...

I love inglot e/s. Can't wait to see your fotd wearing inglot :)

Glamakeup said...

one is already up :D the purple look ;) tnx for commenting :D