Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Top 10 Favourite Mac Cosmetics Eyeshadows

Hey guys! Today I wanted to talk about my favorite Mac eyeshadows. I have quite a few of them so I know what I'm talking about. I'll try to choose only the eyeshadows from the permanent line for you.

1- Mylar: This is my favourite highlight ever. It is an off white color and It's a matte. I love it because It blends so well with any kind of eyeshadow.

2- Satin Taupe: It is such a unique color...A dark brown with a hint of purple, just gorgeous. I like to use it all over the lid for smokey eyes but It is beautiful also in the crease.

3- Shadowy Lady: Love love love purples!! This is a dark brownish purple and It's awesome in the crease. The only downside is that It isn't too pigmented.

4- Cranberry: the most beautiful red I've ever seen. It is a true cranberry color. I use it mostly in the crease.

5- Vex: This is difficult to describe, it is such a weird color, an off white, almost grey with pink undertones. It can be used as highlight or on the lid.

6- Deep Truth: My favourite blue ever. It is a frost midnight blue. Just amazing, especially on the lower lashes.

7- Bronze: A beautiful bronze color. I use it for smokey eyes or with natural looks in the crease.
8- Expensive Pink: It is a orange coral color with pink undertones. It gives the eyes such a natural glow and it can be used on the lid with a darker color like cranberry in the crease, or also in the crease with a lighter color on the lid like Rice Paper.

9- Juxt: A light lime green. I adore this color, It is like having an highlighter on the lid, because it is so shiny and stunning. I would pair it with a darker green like Bottle Green.

10- Stars n' Rockets: A blue toned pink with a hint of purple. This color is like a duochrome, It can look more purple under certain lights or it can look more pink. I pair it with Vex on the lid or as a lid color with a darker blue or purple.

Hope you liked it!!!

Photo from: http://www.maccosmetics.com/


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